New Zealand Category Created & Another Con

I created a New Zealand category and moved most of the old posts taking about my New Zealand obsession to there. (Asperger people focus on obsessions, mine tend to rotate from thing to thing as one may have noticed… I haven’t decided on my next obsession yet. 😉 )

Also, a follow up to the cons of moving to New Zealand. Internet access is much slower then here where I am used to cable modem speeds. There it seems limited to ADSL for the most part, at least to the public at large. Further, you have a data allowance unlike here, so if you use up your data allowance you are either charged a per megabyte fee or your speed gets cut back drastically. Very uncool. This may actually be as serious a negative as the socialistic aspects. I can deal with being far from friends and family so long as I have Sara and Ari with me AND have broadband Internet access without huge fees. I can’t deal with Dial-up… I can deal with ADSL if I have to, but data allowances make no sense to me.
I am going to guess that it is New Zealand’s topography that has made it lag behind in the broadband department. However, I would expect that in the cities (Nelson sized and above, so Wellington, Christchurch and the like all the way up to the obvious Auckland) to have access to better Internet deals. Heck, I see no reason why in Nelson for example that one can’t have something like Verizon FiOS… drool… Heck I would love to have Full FiOS here…