The Dangers of Manditory Vaccines

I am becoming more and more concerned about the dangers of mandatory vaccine policy. It is already obvious that the policy has more to do with protecting the profits of the world’s second most profitable industry (second only to banks, and making twice the profits of oil companies), then any real concerns over the health of citizens. As pointed out in the Vaccine Awakening blog, children are not going to get hepatitis B in a school setting, and yet it is part of the recent doubling of vaccine requirements since the days when many of us were kids. Chickenpox is also pointed out as being unnecessary since when most kids get it, it is fairly mild, and not worth the risks.
Cases of autism is increasing, yet not in populations that do not get vaccines, who are nearly to completely autism free.
The flu vaccine has never been effective. The versions of the flu that ends of spreading around, even among those not inoculated, has never been one of the ones for which the vaccine covers. If people who didn’t get the vaccine got the versions of the flu the vaccine was made to protect against, then they may have a case, but it doesn’t happen.
I am not going to cover all the dangers here in this post. I’ll just refer to the above blog, the National Vaccine Information Center, the Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute, The Vaccination Hoax (16 good reasons to avoid vaccination).
The government has given the drug industry a free pass, and pushing drugs, especially vaccines through to the market faster and faster then ever, with little testing, and exempting the drug companies from any liability. So even if you can prove that the vaccines are what caused you or your child to become autistic, you can’t sue the drug companies.
We have documents from world leaders how the population needs reduced by 80%. One site that believes and promotes this view (for all I know it may be ran by the global elite, but it seems to be just a group that believes the lies of the publicly given reasons for population control) says, “Within the next half-century, it will be essential for the human species to have a set of initiatives focused on reducing the world population by at least 80%.” It then goes on to state, “Humanity must not only take significant steps to arrest the rapid growth of human population but also begin to reduce it dramatically.” (Emphasis mine on both.)
Make no mistake, the global elite who run things at the top level don’t care about us, they are out to dumb us down so we can’t or simply don’t want to fight against them. Question everything, never trust the government, learn to think for yourself. Learn to see the government’s and global elite’s own double speak. (And when I say government here I am not just speaking of American government, but England’s and all government in general. Odd how the few governments in the world that resist the global elite plans are the very ones that are being called terrorist threats and are the ones we are waging war against or about to wage war against.)