New Job

I’ve been on my new job since Monday, though I had to leave early today as I was throwing up, not cool…
Anyhow, I work in the laser department, I use one program to import data into Excel, then save the data, exit Excel, exit the program and launch another program that does something to it based on the kind of order it it is (adds drop dates and the like). I then go into InDesign, mail merge, then save the file as a PDF, then use the PDF to print a sample copy, and if that is okay, then I print the rest of the order. This can be anywhere from a few copies to 500 at a time. It is tricky, not only with all the import steps to go through and making sure you use the correct settings on everything, but there is lots of different paper to use and you have to make sure you use the right paper in the right printer in the correct direction, although those two steps are fairly easy to remember.
I am still working at Haine’s for this and probably next week for a couple hours a night.