The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass (Amazon link coming soon, but for some reason the link builder isn’t working) is coming to theaters soon (trailer) and a whole bunch of Christian groups are preparing to protest the movie, New Line (the film’s distributors) and in general making a fuss over the whole film and books. The controversy undoubtedly will make the film more popular then it would have been without the protest, as these things always do; however, unlike the Last Temptation of Christ, a crappy film that few would have seen had it not been for the protests, the Golden Compass has broad appeal and would be a huge commercial success even without the controversy, now it gets to be even more popular.
Some minor spoilers may be coming so keep that in mind as we go on. To be safe, I’ll bury the rest below the break.

Philip Pullman, the author of the books has been an outspoken critic of religion, especially Christianity, and in the books the church is an evil repressive force and eventually the children rebel against the Authority, who is worshiped as God on Lyra’s (the primary character) earth. The Authority is not God, creator of the universe, but is revealed to be the first angel, but as he is worshiped as God, and the actions of the church, some Christian groups are in an uproar.
I have to wonder if these groups think that God is in Heaven worrying about the books or movie series. If they do, then they are in fact saying the Pullman and the movies are more powerful then God Himself, which would be wrong. So let’s say that they are worried about the effect it will make them less likely to worship God in the future. Once again they are assuming the books and films are more powerful then God, that God wouldn’t be able to overcome this difficulty, which is absurd. What they are doing is placing their reality above God’s reality, thereby placing themselves above God. They would say God is above all things, but in reality they are placing themselves above God since in their reality God can’t deal with these these issues. If God is above all things, then we shouldn’t worry ourselves over such trivial things as books, movies and the like.
Let’s take a look at some of the valid criticisms against religion in general and Christianity in particular. Almost all the wars, and a great deal of the violence and hate come from religion and Christianity. Christianity is probably most guilty on this front, followed by Judaism and Islam, then a huge gap to get to some other smaller, mostly tribal religions, most of the others cultivate peace, or doesn’t factor other stuff… now I know lots of Christians will say that Christianity cultivates peace, which it is supposed to do, but seldom does, and that is what I am going to focus on for now.
Christianity is without a doubt, the largest hate group on the planet right now. I can see this even as a Christian, and I know I am not alone among Christians. We got the obvious Christian hate groups and actions like the KKK, Hitler using Christianity as a partial excuse to do what he did, the witch trials and Spanish Inquisition just to name a few, but there are modern day examples as well.
Christians are the ones leading the fight against gay rights. Largely using an Old Testament verse. The problem is that we are no longer subject to the Mosaic laws, and unless we were Jewish, we were never subject to them. All humans are subject to only a few laws of the Old Testament, the law of sickness and death, and the law of reaping and sewing. As Christians we are subject to the promises of the Old Testament, which along with the promise of Christ’s coming is what Christ was referring to when He said He came to fulfill the law not largely what He meant by not to destroy the law. The Mosaic laws have always applied only to Jews, and for them it still applies until they take Christ as their savior. The New Testament does talk about avoiding sexual perversion and the like, but it doesn’t specify much of anything. Even so, such things are simply sin, and way too many Christians make a big deal out of sin. For more on that everyone should read part 1, part 2 and part 3 of my You Can’t and Shouldn’t Legislate Morality series.
Christians are also among the largest pushers of the drug war (which originally was racial, which is largely comes from Christianity itself, just look at the KKK). Despite the fact that God made marijuana and even has it as a required ingredient in anointing oil (though the Bible calls it by it’s old name).
Christians are behind the attempt at ethnic cleansing going on now in the US wars in Iraq, soon to be Iran and that region. We have documents from our leaders talking how they want to bring that region under control, how they wanted to implement certain things that became part of the Patriot Act, and how the American public would never go for it short of another Pearl Harbor event, which they conveniently got on 9/11. Now I am not convinced that our government helped to demolish the twin towers, and can even buy the official explanation on Building 7, despite the odds against it; however, I find it impossible to believe that the knew nothing, and believe they knew most if not all the details and let 3,000+ Americans die so they can start their war as an excuse to do ethnic cleansing (oil is a bonus).
It was Christian church, who not too overly long ago killed people for thinking the Earth wasn’t flat. It was Christian church who killed people who proclaimed the Earth wasn’t the center of the universe. Lucky for us all that the Christian church isn’t advocating killing people for refusing to believe in Creationism. If it was, they would probably burn me at the stake as well, since I believe that the real physical creation of the universe looked much like the Big Bang and that evolution happened, just that God helped push it along when needed. I think to reject the scientific reality of evolution is foolish as there is plenty of room for God to work within that framework. The Genesis account is a recreation, and given the spiritual nature of the Bible, probably a spiritual recreation of the Earth at that. Genesis makes no account of DNA, that the Earth is round and not the center of the universe, that we have 8 planets, and yet all these things are accepted as reality. Genesis is not intended to be taken as a literal reality, there are plenty of things it doesn’t mention. As I said, there is plenty of room for God to work within the scientific reality… all of which is beyond the point. The point of this part was that the church was behind killing tons of people who refused to accept the church’s view of the world, once again placing their reality above that of God’s. The church was also guilty of killing tons of people as heretics who were most probably insane. The Christian church is also guilty of killing tons of people for practicing a different religion, or different form of Christianity… to the point that you would nearly have to add all other religion on religion kills together to equal it.
Well, I think we covered enough for now. I got carried away with the criticisms against religion and Christianity and was originally planning on focusing more on the fact that God isn’t worried about it, so you shouldn’t worry either, but I think you get the idea.