Apparently Reading the Constitution of the USA is Illegal Here Now

An interesting video of people being arrested, not given their meranda rights and not being what they are charged with beyond apparently reading the Constitution to people out loud, and when I say out loud, I am not talking about volume, just speaking the words of the Constitution of the United States of America in a public setting. This I am sure will be closely followed.
What the fuck is happening to this country? At one time the whole country was a free speech zone, now you have selected free speech zones and if you do free speech outside of those zones you are arrested. If you don’t have a permit to peacefully assemble, which incidentally is a right guaranteed by the First Amendment, you are arrested. People are being arrested for having impeach Bush shirts and being threatened by the city for having Ron Paul signs. The Constitution is being shit on by a bunch of asses who sore an oath to uphold it and protect it from threats foreign and domestic. The First Amendment is the first for a reason.
I am pissed, I am off to bed before I rant more…
EDIT: A short follow up is here, though I just more or less go off on those who say the police did right (and they did right in not telling third parties, but not to tell those arrested… which misses the point which is what I go on about… here I am about to go off again…)