Plugins You Need for Winamp and or Windows Media Player

If you use Winamp and/or Windows Media Player, here are a couple plugins you need.
I have been frustrated of late with the inability of WinAmp and Windows Media Player to remember not just the last track played, but where on that track I was before I shut it down. Say you are listening to a long podcast, book on tape, or a recorded radio show that you are playing back and you stop lisetning to it. You have to write down what it was you were listening to, and the time stamp of the spot you were at. What would be ideal is something that would allow the program to remember itself not only the last track, but the time it was at, even if I had to click Bookmark to do it.
For WinAmp: Time Restore and Autoplay. This plugin will restart the last track played, and restart it at the point you stopped, so long as you click the WinAmp icon and not the mp3 you last played.
For Windows Media Player (9 and up, at least it works with my 11): Resume. This simply titled plugin does the same as the above, but for Windows Media Player… I think it does other media beyond audio files, so bonus there, but I didn’t check to see if it does…
On the negative side:
Neither plugin will work if you click the media in question rather then start the program with it’s normal start menu (or desktop icon). That is, if you click the MP3 file, they don’t go, “Oh, I played that and was 20:03 into it, so let me resume from there.” Clicking the MP3 you want to resume will cause it to start all over. The only way to get the track to restart at the point is, as noted, click the program’s icon.
Neither plugin maintains a history, so if I shut say Sara’s track down to start mine, when I shut down it will restart mine, and where she was at will be lost. I am not asking for a deep history, just the last 5 or so titles and/or playlists that were shut down before completed. This would probably need to be implemented before the above negative issue.