Going To Hell in a Handbasket

Be ready, things a going to Hell in a handbasket soon.
The government has been telling preachers to falsely tell their flock that the Bible says you always have to obey the government, specifically if martial law happens (story). There seems to be a looming economic collapse between the housing bubble and what seems a pending stock market crash, including billions in put options that pay off only if the market crashes by a third to a half… who risks billions in such a move unless they know something is about to happen to cause a crash? These put options make the put options against the airlines right before 9/11 look tame (and don’t let the mass media fool you, while put options are common, the size and quantity of options right before 9/11 is suspect, and the size of this new one is even more so). Recall also that the Insurrection Act was reworded recently to make it far easier to deploy US troops against its own citizens and that Habeas Corpus has also been effectively gotten rid of. Ask yourself, why change the Insurrection Act, get rid of Habeas Corpus and start lying about what the Bible says about obeying the government in the event of martial law? Hell in a Handbasket is coming, be ready.