Media Ignoring Rest of Straw Polls

Lew Rockwell notes that while the media had 4,800 articles about the Iowa straw poll which Romney bought his way to victory, there have been only 162 combined reports on all 5 polls in which Ron Paul won, only Fred Thompson has won more.
Taking things into more perspective, Ron Paul has placed in the top 3 in 16 polls, matched by Romney and nearly matched by Thompson. The media’s darling Giuliani has placed in the top 3 a total of 5 times, never in first himself, but 5 total times which Ron Paul placed first. Expect the media to ignore this trend since if Giuliani doesn’t get the nomination, they will push Romney or Thompson down our throat.
I’ll laugh when Ron Paul places very strongly at an actual primary, and the media will be at a loss to explain to the people how somebody they have been trying to make American’s forget about could do so well.