How to Tell When Ari is Misbehaving

There is a good way to tell when Ari is misbehaving. He’ll say “Don’t look at me,” he may expand this to say what it is he is doing that you are not supposed to see him doing. An “Oops! Sorry!” may also be a clue.
We may take him roller skating Saturday… I haven’t been on skates since the 4th to 6th grade range, I can’t recall exactly what grade I was in, but we’ll say about 25 years ago. Anyhow, we were about to go last Saturday but they were just getting ready to close when we got there and Ari for some reason really wants to go. Of course he also wants to go to school and ride the school bus, which we generally figure means he wants more time with kids.
He hums lots of classical songs he hears on Little Einsteins, and generally seems to be a happy, very intelligent child… if not a bit moody sometimes.