Update on Ohio’s Idiot Legislators – More on Why God Does Not Approve of Legislating Morality

I talked before about how Ohio’s Retarded Legislators AKA You Can’t and Shouldn’t Legislate Morality. Rather than stand up to the idiot bill, our Governor, can’t wait to get rid of him, let the bill become law without signing it.
A quick recap, the so called “Christian” group, Citizens for Community Values, who act very anti-Christ like, managed to convince Ohio’s legislators to crack down on strip clubs, adult books stores and the like. They have apparently dropped the 6 foot limit in favor of spelled out sticker regulations on touching customers. While it was already more or less against the law to touch a customer, they could generally touch their shoulders or something for balance, the new law now makes even that a crime punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a $250 fine.
Read my original post for the majority of my in context Biblical based arguments against such laws. However, I feel I need to expand on a few further thoughts.
We always hear to be more Christ like. What would Jesus do, and all those kind of things. Not once do we see Christ, His Apostles or Disciples working to make laws legislating morality. What did they do? They did signs, miracles and wonders, then they preached the good news. They didn’t concern themselves with the laws and forcing people to be like them, they simply set the example. We need to get back to doing things the way Christ would have us do them, which wasn’t by force. We never saw Him bind anyone and force them to live a “Godly” life. We didn’t see Him or His followers go to the government and ask them to legislate morality. (Yes, I know, the Bible doesn’t mention all the other planets, DNA or any number of other things that exist, but the Bible is a spiritual book dealing with spiritual issues, and legislating morality would fall under that rule, so if God wanted it done, He would have made sure it was mentioned by Paul or somebody in the New Testament.)
Christ didn’t condom the prostitute but defended her, telling those without sin to cast the first stone. Yet the CCV feels they should be the ones casting stones, or at least having the law do it for them so they can pretend their hands are clean. A note to the CCV and others like them, God doesn’t care if you are the one who casts it, or ask somebody else to cast it for you, in God’s eye it is the same thing, and trying to legislate morality is casting stones.