North American Union Currency Has a Name

Like most everyone, I have been asleep to what is going on behind closed doors in regards to the European Union styled North American Union. I just learned that they already have a name for the North American currency, the Amero. You can bet that the banking powers that be, that actually control our government (unless we get Ron Paul elected President and give him a congress that will work with him to end the Federal Reserve and the international bankers hold over us), are doing everything they can to keep this as secret as possible until it is too late for us as Americans to stop it. The public needs educated on the dangers of the Federal Reserve, which is no more a government body than Federal Express and has little if any reserves. Unfortunately those decrying the Fed are made by the media and others to sound like a conspiracy nut, which they are not.
Below the break are some videos about the dangers of the Fed including one that I would say is required viewing.

Here is The Money Masters (be sure to visit their site and order the full video). The video (at least the one posted below) is from the 90’s, but it is still relevant.
The Money Masters Part 1 of 2:
The Money Masters Part 2 of 2:

Of course for a newer view on things we have America: Freedom to Fascism, which has an authorized version on Google Video below, which is required viewing.