Ari’s Swimming Lessons and Gymnastics

Ari is taking lessons at the local YMCA. So far he is taking swimming and gymnastics.
Swimming he is not too enthused about. Though he does sit on the edge with his feet it the water he clenches onto the teacher when they take him in. All the parents have to stay in another room and watch on a TV and there is no sound, so I can’t tell what he may be saying when they do it. The teachers keep saying he’s okay, just nervous. He likes playing in the bathtub, but if we get his hair wet, he cries. We’re sure he’ll relax as time goes on, and will take him to some open pool sessions and go in with him ourselves.
Gymnastics he only did once so far, but he seemed to have a really good time. He didn’t really participate in the stretching part, but seemed to participate more as the day went along. They did a balance beam, both forward, sideways and crawling through a hoop. They then went to a foam pit and played around in there (I am under the impression they were to do something more specific in there, but I don’t think that the teacher at that station had the patience for Ari and the other little boy that were there together at that part). From there they moved to a long trampoline and took turns bouncing down the length of it, which Ari seemed to enjoy until his last time down when he decided to walk it. They had to carry their mats with them from station to station, which again, Ari didn’t like the idea of at first, but took to it after that. He has another session today which he looks forward to.
I think part of the problem with the pool might be that his first time there with me he was doing well until he took a big gulp of water and started puking. He now thinks of the water as “icky water.”