Ari’s Lightsaber

Ari loves Star Wars, particularly Star Wars – Episode I, The Phantom Menace (Widescreen Edition) as he loves the battle with Darth Maul… as a matter of fact when he does the Star Wars theme he’ll actually sing the start (first two notes anyhow) of Darth Maul’s theme. Anyhow he loves playing lightsaber, so his Grandmother and Grandfather (Sara’s parents) got him a real one… well, the Obi-Wan – Star Wars Force Action Extending Lightsaber which is nearly as close as you can get to a real one (I know they got thos $100 glass ones but that would break in two seconds with him). He loves it. I of course have to be Darth Maul, pretending to have a lightsaber since I can’t find the cheaper plastic Darth Maul lightsaber anywhere. Perhaps I’ll get just another generic lightsaber so we can properly battle.