MoyoGo for Free

Moyo Go Studio is now available for free. You won’t be able to get technical support from the author, the database isn’t nearly as big as in the paid version, the printing/publishing module isn’t there, and you don’t get the lifetime of free updates, but if you wanted to check it out you now can. Just follow the previous link to the programs homepage. You will need to use some sort of torrent software such as Azureus or utorrent, as the file is fairly big (205 MB) and torrent is the only practical way of distributing it, plus, I am sure, it saves him tons on bandwidth.

One thought on “MoyoGo for Free”

  1. Hi Brian, thanks for the post. I’ll take a look. Have you taken a look at playing Go online at KGS ( If you haven’t already checked, there may be a Go club that meets regularly near you ( With regards to the books, the Learn To Play Go series is easy going. They feel pretty thin though, and there’s little chance of you referring back to them in the future. The Get Strong At .. series is good as are the Elementary series. They’re much harder going, but the upside is that you can keep re-reading them and learning more each time. Enjoy Go!

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