2006 Dariwn Awards

The 2006 Winners of the Darwin Award is up. Some object to making fun of the dead, or just really stupid stuff to get hurt, buy if it is your thing, be sure to check the list out.
Volumes 1 to 3 of the book series are together in a box set: The Darwin Awards Boxed Set (1-3), lacking the newest The Darwin Awards 4: Intelligent Design (Darwin Awards (Dutton)). These books collect the best of the best without having to search the site… of course searching the site is free…
Lacking from the list are these people:
[ev type=”youtube” data=”yWqEOvnL5Sk”][/ev]
Peraps due to the fact we don’t know if they were injured or not (though if not, they are really luck) and they might fall under the age limit, though they look old enough to all know better, at least those running the scooter and holding it in place.
EDIT: Of course the people in the above video also fail the Reproduction rule, to get a win, but I think the act is stupid enough it should have gotten a nomination at the very least.