Journalist Loophole Close to Closing

The journalist loophole in Ohio’s CCW law is about to close, depending on if Taft passes it or vetoes it. Since he just got overridden on another CCW law, he may pass this one, time will tell.
Right now newspapers can get a full list of all CCW holders and print that list. The new bill allows people to opt out of appearing on such wholesale lists. If the person opts out, then a newspaper has to go to the Sheriff’s office in person, ask if specific John Doe has a CCW. They may not record any information down. Basically it brings things back to the way they are supposed to have been from the start. If a gun is used in a crime, the newspaper can go to the office and find out if the person who did the crime, if they have the specific name, has a CCW or not and use the fact, and the fact alone, in reporting the story. No more blanket lists of everyone who has a CCW like some disgraces to newspapers like the Plane Dealer do.
EDIT: Seems the House will have to vote on the Senate changes than it goes to the Governor. The House apparently hasn’t voted on it yet (as of 19 December 2006).