Verizon Wireless Apparently Doesn’t Know Math

Verizon quoted a customer a rate of 0.002 cents per kb, and repeated that was indeed the rate a few times after they made a huge billing error. They then charged the customer $0.002 per kb. What should have been a bill for $0.7179 ended up being $71.79, that’s two decimal places off, so a hundred fold difference. So Verizon is saying the cost per kb is $0.00002 and charging $0.002. If you listen to the call, I don’t think it is dishonesty on the part of those answering the phone, but just plain bad math. Now I am bad at math, but I know the difference between $0.002 and 0.002 cents. Even after the guy calmly (far more calm than I would have been) explains it in simple terms, they still don’t get it. Get the full story here, which includes links to the audio of his call.
My guess is even if Verizon doesn’t understand, they’ll fix it since it is getting lots of negative publicity, then they’ll probably change their information to say they charge $0.002 per kb. How the reps didn’t follow is beyond me.