MPAA to Nearly Everyone, Pay Us $50 or be Fined $500,000 per Movie Shown at Your Home

If you have a TV over 29″ big, and have at least two comfortable chairs, couches or futons, the MPAA wants you to pay them a $50 license fee or face fines of $500,000 per movie that you show at home. Despite the fact that the Democrats are big time supporters of censorship in movies and video games, they tend to be supported by Hollywood, so since the Dems have some the power now, they may just listen to the MPAA. One would hope our Representatives and Senators say no to this, but to be safe, you may need to contact your newly elected Representative and Senator. If the law does pass, I would guess it would be just a matter of time before they enforced it by adding the fee and registration to a TV tax where you had to fill out a form and present your Federal ID (aka your driver’s license) to ensure the accuracy of the information on your form, that or the seller just swipes your ID and it adds the information (since the swiping part and the rest of the driver’s license or state issued ID will be standardized come 2008, making them essentially a Federal ID issued by each State). Anyhow, the point is, the MPAA wants a law to force everyone to pay this fee, so take action now to stop it.

Edit: Seems this story originally came from a satire site, so resetting the tag to humor. Political commentary marked out…
Here is an article on the satire, the original piece (which I couldn’t get to yesterday, perhaps traffic was too heavy then) which I got to via Slashdot (oddly, I paid no attention to the “from the jokes-that-some-people-just-wont-get dept.” part of the article)… and a hat tip to Blues News for all of those (which I think on my link page I mention….)

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  1. As fun as it is poking fun at the MPAA, this “story” was published on, whose tagline is “Satire for smart people; the truth for you.” The wikipedia entry for calls it “a geek satire and humour web site founded in 2000. “

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