The first HD-DVD players and movies are out. The Toshiba HD-A1 HD DVD PLAYER and/or the Toshiba HD-XA1 HD DVD Player are/is out in limited numbers, or so I hear. I know the movies are out for sure at the very least. I saw an ad for it one of my magazines, and they note that some features may require a firmware upgrade. I would guess most early adopters would feel comfortable with doing a firmware upgrade, so perhaps that isn’t a big deal. My money is still on Blu-ray winning the battle, but regardless, HD-DVD is out on the market now, so we have to deal with it.
Anyhow, on to the important stuff, the HD-DVD movies that came out (or coming out soon) with prices as of this writing:

  • Serenity [HD DVD]
    Serenity [HD DVD] $24.99
    I can’t think of a better fitting movie to check it out on then this… well, at least for the first day releases. It is also one of the more expensive first day releases, perhaps as they know it would be the biggest release. For some reason Amazon has it listed as shipping in 1 to 3 weeks, perhaps their page is still on the original release date, I think it was one of the surprise releases today.
  • <The Last Samurai [HD DVD]
    The Last Samurai [HD DVD] $19.98
    An okay movie, but the vast landscapes may be the reason to check this out on HD.
  • Million Dollar Baby [HD DVD]
    Million Dollar Baby [HD DVD] $19.98
    A great movie. It is technically supposed to be out today, Amazon has it listed as shipping on the 20th, so perhaps a couple day delay.
  • The Phantom of the Opera (Special Edition) [HD DVD]
    The Phantom of the Opera (Special Edition) [HD DVD] $19.98
    I didn’t see the movie yet. I wanted to, but never got around to it. I loved the play when I saw it in Toronto…

Coming April 25th:

  • Apollo 13 [HD DVD]
    Apollo 13 [HD DVD] $24.49
    Another good movie. It should be cool to see on HD… not that I have a HDTV set let alone a HD-DVD player… 🙂
  • Doom [HD DVD]
    Doom [HD DVD] $24.49
    One of those so bad it’s… okay, it’s pretty bad.

There are more movies coming in May, but I am too tired to post them now.