Freaken Chill Dudes – It is Just a Cartoon

More people continue to die because of some political cartoons about Islam and Mohammad. They are protesting, killing people, getting killed, and now are targeting the USA since we are “the leader of Europe and the leading infidel in the world.” I am not sure when we became the leader of Europe, but hey, what can we expect a 40-year old framer in Afghanistan to know…
When “The Last Temptation of Christ” came out, there were some Christians who protested, but you didn’t see them killing people over it. Catholics protested Dogma, and nobody was killing people over it. In the case of Dogma, there was little reason to protest, while it wasn’t Biblically correct, it probably had a more pro-faith message then most any Hollywood movie of its time. Last Temptation of Christ was blasphemous from the start, with Jesus not knowing who He was. The thing is, the movie wouldn’t have had as big a draw as it had was it not for the protests, I didn’t make it even half way into the movie before I gave up on it for being so boring, and I can do lots of slow movies if they are good. The protests made the movie more notable then it ever would have been. Same thing is happening here. With all the deaths and threats, more newspapers published the cartoon in defiance and a show of freedom of speech. Had there not been such massive protests and killings, nobody would have known about the cartoons outside the Muslim world. It is like the whole The Satanic Verses all over again. I tried reading the book, only due to the controversy, but the poetic form of the book made it too hard to get into.
The really bad thing here is that the cartoons were pointing out the type of militant Muslims that are doing the protests, or perhaps more properly, leading the protests and drawing unwitting people with them. Islam is a religion in bad need of a better image, and these protests and killings don’t help matters. Outside of attacks in England by the IRA (to be more technical, the Real IRA, the Provisional IRA, the Continuity IRA, and the Official IRA, all being the modern versions of the IRA that split off in 1922 and existed to 1969), I think you would be hard pressed to think of any attacks against Western targets that were not Muslim related. Even the Oklahoma City bombings had The Third Terrorist, which to be fair, is more a link to Saddam and the Republican Guard then Islam, though I hear new evidence shows Nickles may have received bomb making expertise from Ramazi Yousef (the Al-Qaeda mastermind of the first World Trade Center attack) while Nickles was in the Philippians several times during the early 90’s (an expensive trip to make without your Philippian bride).
While lots of Muslim leaders are calling for the protests to end, it does little to distract from the fact that so many people are dying for a cartoon. What the world sees when these people act like this is the proof, as wrong as it may be, that this is just the way Muslims are. While most Muslims may be peace loving, protests like these doesn’t disspell much of the terrorist type image that the world has. They need to chill, to show that Islam is the peaceful religion they say it is, and not the religion of fanatics who enjoy flying a plane into a skyscraper and killing 3500 people, or attempting to drive a truck into Jordan with weapons to kill hundreds of thousands of people (odd how that story didn’t make it out in America, despite it happened during the Presidential election, and they were Al-Qaeda operatives trained in Iraq by one of Saddam’s right hand men). The Muslims I know are generally peace loving people, and I know most Muslims are. It is the vocal violent minority that is giving Islam it’s image problem.