More Idiocy

In another news channel, we get the story of how the U.S. military chaplains, priests and the like can not talk about Jesus, the very foundation of their faith, as they are government workers. How insane is this country getting? We have groups like the ACLU, and the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State waging a war against Christianity, and Christianity alone. A clue for those foolish enough to believe the lies from these groups. The words “separation of church and state” never appears, nor implied, in our Constitution. What we do have is freedom of religion, and a separation clause. Let us look at each one.
Freedom of religion. This means you have the constitution right to practice your religion, even Christianity, in any way you see fit, even talking about Jesus. The only restriction there is if it would bring harm to another person. So any religion that requires a human sacrifice wouldn’t have freedom in that regard. However, short of stuff like that, the government is not allowed to restrict the practice of religion beyond that. Sadly, this isn’t the way the Supreme Court has been interpreting it for some years… actually it is the next issue that they, the ACLU and the Americans United seem to be confused on. Thankfully, having more intelligence in my flatulence then they have combined in both those organizations, I can clear things up.
Establishment Clause. This simply means the government can not establish a state religion. This means they can’t make Christianity the official religion of the United States. It doesn’t mean they have the right to violate the freedom of religion clause, which is what the establishment clause is typically used to do. The really crazy thing is that forcing atheism or secular humanism, as the official religion of state itself violates the establishment clause. Of course atheism and secular humanism are not Christianity, which is all that anti-Christian groups like the ACLU and Americans United care about. They will lie and manipulate the press and the American people to believe that there is a separation clause in an effort to destroy Christianity, which is their only goal. Again, to make it simple, atheism and secular humanism themselves violate the establishment clause just as much as Christianity, Buddhism, Islam or Paganism, or course groups like the ACLU protect those groups if the case is against Christianity. The truth is the ACLU, Americans United and similar groups really see the establishment clause as a separation of Christianity and state, not religion and state. The ACLU and Americans United have never taken a case to remove Halloween decorations from government property since they are anti-Christian in nature, but God forbid you put a baby Jesus in a nativity. The hypocrisy of the ACLU and Americans United is sad. What makes it worse is that too many people don’t see it.
To summarize. We are supposed to have freedom of religion, and there is no such thing as separation of church and state, just an establishment clause, which atheism and secular humanism themselves violate.