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In one of the podcasts for Battlestar Galactica, Ron More mentions to watch the survivor count, that they are watching it. After searching the Internet for a list of the survivor counts, I couldn’t find one. So here are the counts for the second season so far (once I get the first season, I’ll try to add them here, if they tracked it then) with some notes as needed:

Guide to episode numbers:
These are not the production numbers. Episode 201 on this list is actually 16 of the entire series, however, it is episode 1 of Season 2, hence the first number is the season number and the last two are the episode number of that season. So 205 would be Season 2 episode 5, 220 would be Season 2 episode 20 and so on. The episode number is followed by the episode name in brackets, then the episode count and some comments. See the comments below for more information.
201 [Scattered] – 47,875
202 [Valley of Darkness] – 47,874 [Valley of Darkness]
203 [Fragged] – 47,862 (this episode follows the death of lots of people on the BSG at the hands of Cylon invaders, only 12? It looked like a lot more then that, unless a few kids were born at the same time)
204 [Resistance] – 47,861 (this is the episode where some civilians are killed, so I would have expected the count to make the big drop here, then again we meat the Resistance in this episode, so I would expect the count to go up, so the question is if we are tracking fleet survivors only, if so then why only 1 dead?)
205 [The Farm] – 47,857 (then again, perhaps this one accounts for the civilians killed, but such a theory contradicts episode 210)
206 [Home, Part 1] – 47,858 (a child must have been born, unless the counts are President Rolin’s counts, and she counted the Caprica Sharon as the new one)
207 [Home, Part 2] – 47,855
208 [Final Cut] – 47,853
209 [Flight of the Phoenix] – 47,853
210 [Pegasus] – 49,605 (the return of the Pegasus to the fleet must account for the jump in numbers, which seems to also show that they count how many survivors there are at some point in the episode)
211 [Resurrection Ship, Part 1)- 49,604
Also be sure to see the comments for more on the counts.
212 [Resurrection Ship, Part 2)- 49,604 (I am sure we’ll see the counts go down some next episode to take account of how ever many people they may have lost in the battle. I am sure they had to loose more then just Cain.)
213 [Epiphanies]- 49,598
214 [Black Market] – 49,597
215 [Scar] – 49,593
216 [Sacrifices] – 49,590
217 [The Captain’s Hand] – 49,584
218 [Downloaded]- 49,579
219 [Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 1] – 49,579
220 [Lay Down Your Burdens, Part 2] – 49,550 (Wow! What an episode!)

Further updates, including Season 1 counts, can be fount at the Battlestar Wiki page on Survivor count.

5 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica Survivor Count”

  1. I think you are a little confused about the survivor count. I’ll try to help clear things up. The survivor count in the opening credits includes the previous episode as well as the “teaser” of the current episode before the credits. I’ll try to account for each death and addition for you, since it looks like you’re having a little trouble keeping track.

    202 -1 Tarn is killed on Kobol.

    203 -12 Galactica crew members killed by the Cylon boarding party. I also think that this is a low count. I counted bodies on screen and came up with 18.
    1 – The Viper pilot (Flyboy) returning from hangar deck (If he dies instantly in the “teaser,” he should be counted in the 202 survivor count. If he dies of his wounds later in the episode, he should be counted in the 203 survivor count).
    4 – On Deck 12, small arms locker corridor (outside small arms locker).
    2 – Inside small arms locker with Jammer.
    6 – On Deck 12, port corridor (found Dualla).
    1 – Socinus on Kobol.
    2 – On Deck 12, main arms locker.
    2 – Marines in front of aft damage control.

    204 -1 Crashdown killed on Kobol.

    205 -4 Civilians killed in the “Gideon Massacre.”

    206 +1 Helo returns from Caprica.

    207 -3 Elosha and 2 others are killed in a Cylon ambush on Kobol.

    208 -2 Meier and his henchman are killed in a shootout outside the Tomb of Athena on Kobol.

    210 +1,752 The crew of the Battlestar Pegasus. They are counted because they appear in the “teaser” before the opening credits.

    I think I counted everyone correctly. I hope this helps.

  2. Thank you, Four King Twenty, for helping to clear up that the counts include the previous episode and the teaser, as well as some clarification on the counts.

  3. Four King Twenty,

    Thank you for your clarification. As for why only twelve are subtracted when we can count 18 bodies on screen in episode 203… surely not all of them died of their wounds. Some of them must have been saved after the cylons were cleared from the ship. 🙂

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