XFactor this Wednesday

Speaking of things going on at the church, our ResQ teen outreach will be having XFactor, which is basically the ResQ experience turned insane. One never truly knows what will happen during XFactor. I have seen hints of some of the videos in the pipeline and the bits I saw were very funny, but I haven’t seen the planned skits or anything yet.
And since the ResQ team has blogs, I may as well blogroll them here:
Pastor Aaron Morgan
Pastor Diane Morgan
Jason Adams
Kim Adams
Derrick McMullin
Pete Zimmerman

[Disclaimer… while those are “official” blogs and part of ResQ and the church, this blog, Brian A. Thomas .com, is a personal blog and has no relation to the church or anything.]

Anyhow, I may skip the regular service myself this Wednesday since I keep missing XFactor when they have one and it always sounds like a blast. (The advantage of being 955 [on call for emergency cleanups, or other housekeeping/security needs] is I can take it in there.)