Between the ages of 19 and 29 and living in the Akron/Canton, Ohio area? I highly suggest checking out theFIX™ at Faith Family Church™ on Friday’s at 7 pm. (theFIX service will not be held 28 October due to the fact they will be volunteering at Children’s Fest down at the Canton Civic Center.) theFIX™ is a ministry of the church geared to ages 19 to 29… as they say on their vision page (it’s a Flash page… so I can’t link directly):

theFIX™ is here to gather a group of people to turn the tide in a generation being swallowed up in hopelessness, a generation that’s falling deeper into drugs, sex, suicide, and the repetitiveness of everyday life. We believe we are destined for this very hour. It is no mistake you are living in this very point of time.
We are here to bring hope, break down walls, bring meaning, and to show and demonstrate the life changing power of this message we call the Gospel of Christ.

If this sounds like the Christian ministry for you, the be sure to check them out.