Now Faith Is…

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Hebrews 11:1 NKJV

What are things? Things are any promise of God. Be it healing, freedom from lack, even unto prosperity, that your children will know God, all the many promises of God that we have in and through Christ our Lord.
What about substance? Substance is what gives a thing tangibility. You could say wood is the substance of the pulpit at the front of the sanctuary… I know, some pulpits are made of glass, metal, or something like that, but they are traditionally made of wood, so work with me here. The wood is what the pulpit is made of. Much like your faith is what your healing is made of, your faith is what your prosperity is made of. It is the tangibility of the thing. Without the wood the pulpit wouldn’t be there. The really nice thing is the wood was there before the pulpit was there. It sat in some craftsman’s shop, and he took the wood, measured it, cut it, trimmed it, put it together with more wood to make a pulpit.
Don’t you know that your Heavenly Father, the Master Carpenter, who knew us and “…chose us in Him before the foundation of the world… (Ephesians 1:4)” were laid, took the faith that He gave you (“…as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith.” Romans 12:3), and from that faith fashioned the very thing you are believing on Him for?
People say “Well I am working my faith up to that,” or “I don’t have the faith for that yet,” speaking doubt into existence. If you keep speaking like that, you won’t get what you are hoping for. Not because God can’t get it to you, there is never a problem on the sending end, but because you keep blocking it from getting to you. God is infinite, and He has infinite faith. He used His faith to speak the world into existence. He gave you His faith. Mark 11:22 says, “So Jesus answerd and said ‘Have faith in God’.” It should read, to render the Greek properly, “Have the God kind of faith.” God has given you His kind of faith. Sure, you won’t be able to spin a universe into existence, but you can have all the promises of God, by faith, in and through Christ.
You have the God kind of faith in you, and He has taken that faith, and long before you needed it, took it and formed into the very things you need. Amen.
So we know have a basic understanding of things and substance, onto evidence.
Evidence is what you present to win a case.
The devil presents his evidence. A bad medical report. A foreclosure notice. A red mark in the checkbook. A bad report about your child. Whatever may be presented to you, if it doesn’t line up with the perfect will of God, your perfect father Who desires nothing but the absolute best for you… if it doesn’t line up with that will, then it is a lie from the devil. At the very best, it is circumstantial evidence. Don’t let your circumstances get in the way of the reality of who you are and what you have in and through Christ.
To his evidence you present your faith as evidence, and it trumps his bad medical, financial, family, or whatever report. The really nice part is that the Judge has already ruled in your favor. He has already decreed that you won the case.
Amen and amen.
I hope this has helped somebody. It has been on my heart for some time to share this message. I didn’t flesh it all out as well as I would like, but decided I shouldn’t hold off any longer. God bless.

4 thoughts on “Now Faith Is…”

  1. A few words that I cut out of the post to keep it more on target, but to address some things that may come up:

    Now I know there are those who will say that healing isn’t for today. It wasn’t just Jesus and the Apostles that healed the sick. It is part of the commission to all Christians to lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. It doesn’t say they might recover, it says shall recover. Why would God allow healing for only a few years then take it back? It contradicts the message that we are living in an age of grace. It is God’s will that all His children be happy and healthy, free from sickness and disease. Within my own church there are documented cases of people healed from MS and inoperable cancer, cancer where they went in, saw how bad it was and sent the person home to die, and many other cases. This at one church, with many simular stories around the world. This however is not a healing message today, so I won’t go to deep into it, just recal, as Christian, you are the Healed of the Lord. By His stripes we were (it is done already, not will be, but was and presently) healed.
    Others argue that God wants us to be poor. There is nothing in scripture, taken in context to back this up. As a matter of fact, the Bible in both Old and New Testements show time and again that God wants us to prosper. The Bible talks about how your storehouse won’t have enough room to hold all God will bless you with. Understand, that the pupose of properity isn’t just to make you happy, but to allow you to do the work God has called you to do, and to allow you to make larger offerings to help others do the work God has called them to do. Tied to all this is the tithe (offerings are above and beyond the tithe), which is an imprtant part of obediance. It has been shown that if everyone who goes to church regurly, tithed, there would be no need for governmental programs, that the churchs of this nation would be able to take care of the poor, elderly and everyone else in need of help and still have money left over. Sadly, in most churches, only about 8% of the people tithe, meaning more then 90% of the people in churchs today rob God of what is His… anyhow, again, this isn’t a message on titheing, freedom from lack or prosperaty, but faith.

  2. There may be people who have been healed. But, there are plenty who haven’t been. Your sister for example. Neither was I, but I figured that you would say that only “true believers” will be healed.

  3. I don’t know where my sister is on her faith walk. I would guess she’s okay on her love walk, which are two things to look at when it seems you are not getting an answer to prayer.
    Regardless, be it her, you or somebody else, the problem isn’t on God’s end. God sent the Healer 2000 years ago. It is a finished work. It is a receiving end problem. Generally this is faith or love problem, or a sin consciousness problem (another topic all together, just to be clear, sin doesn’t keep you from getting your healing, prosperity or anything else, but it might make you feel unworty, which blocks things on your end). There can be other things. The Bible says we are to speak to our mountains, such as sickness and lack. Speak, not pray and pray to God about it. The Bible says to ask, and it will be given unto you. So we pray things in. The Greek literally says to “ask, and keep asking,” but this isn’t to keep asking for the same thing. It is to ask, receive, ask for something else, get something else… Some places where it says “ask” it should say “demand.” This may be hard concept, to demand something of God. However, this is a demand made in respect, and just asking for what is rightfully yours. We are co-heirs to the Kingdom, with Christ.

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