The Problem With Intelligent Design

The problem with Intelligent Design, as I see it, is more of a public perception problem.
Most people see Intelligent Design as a new name for Creationism, particurly New Earth Creationism. This is the brand of Creation normally taught in church. That the Earth is tens of thousands, to just a few million years old. That God created the universe in a literal 6 days. However, this is NOT what Intelligent Design is all about.
The Big Bang and Evolution can work with Intelligent Design. All Intelligent Design says is that somebody or something moved the process along.
Intelligent Design is also about the fact that the Big Bang and Evolution are taught as scientific fact, without regard to the fact they are theories with some rather large holes in them.
The Big Bang theory doesn’t work as you get to the final few milliseconds after the Big Bang. The Big Bang theory doesn’t explain why the galaxies are spread apart the way they are, not in random order and all over the place, but spread out like a giant 3D spider web with huge gaps between the lines of galaxies. The Big Bang theory doesn’t have an explanation on why the universe is growing at a faster and faster rate when it should be slowing down. Intelligent Design people, and those falling under the Old Earth Creationism group, where the scientific minded tend to be, say the creation undboutably looked like and indeed would be very much the same as a Big Bang, even from a Biblical point of view.
Evolution has huge credibility gaps as well. They take a tooth, and say it belongs to one of our ancestors. A single tooth. Said tooth becomes the center of the Scopes Monkey Trial. It is latter learned that said tooth belonged to an extinct pig. They find a portion of a jaw, and a hip bone, four miles away and say it belonged to the same person, an ancestor of ours. They were four miles away, and these are the only fragments they have of said ancestor of ours. This gets to the biggest problem they have, most of their examples are based on the smallest fragments of a single example, which isn’t enough to decide if they were really an ancestor or not. Very few of them are like Neandrathal Man, where there are lots of examples. This isn’t to say there isn’t evidence that evolution happens, it clearly does, however, all Intelligent Design seeks to say is that it was guided, and there are far bigger gaps in the proof of our ancestors then the pro-evolution alone people will admit to.
While the media, will show that the scientific community has little respect for the scientific and mathematical evidence in favor of Intelegent Design, they will proudly display the research of a single researcher who claims to have found a gay gene, when he has no respect in the human genome field. Why is it okay to take the view of somebody who has zero respect in his scientific field, but not okay to take the view of others?