The slate isn’t wiped clean, it’s an all new slate

I was listening to a message by Buzzy Southerlin when he said something about the slate being wiped clean, and perhaps this is where he is going with it in this message, but I had to post this real quick so I paused the message to post this. (Edit to add: I should note that Buzzy had been sarcastic when he said it, and he is one of the ones who clearly know that it would be an all new slate.)
When we talk of salvation, so often we say the slate has been wiped clean, that you have been washed white as snow… This isn’t close to the truth. The truth is there is an all new slate, there is an all new you, there is nothing to wash white as snow. Upon salvation, you a redeemed through Christ. That is if you accept Him, you are in right standing with God via the death, burial and resurrection of of Jesus Christ. You are in a far higher position then Adam was before the fall, because when you accept Jesus, He dwells in you. Adam had the pleasure of being with God and communing with Him, but he didn’t get what we have through redemption, and that is the fullness of the Godhead dwelling bodily within us.