5 steps forward 3 steps back

An update on The Daily Word.
I was coding things to work in such a way that on each day you would have the same thing to read each day. That is, 16 February would have the exact same readings every year. This is fine for 2005, but in a later year, the 16th may not be on a weekday, and this creates a problem with some reading plans where you read from the New Testament only on weekdays (if you want to read the NT in a year, you read one NT chapter a day on weekdays). So, I had to research a new method of doing things. Where I was having things broken down by month, where the program looked at your reading plan, and displayed the reading, it now goes by reading plan and then finds the Julian date (the date of the year, so 16 February would be 47) and then gives the reading. It makes the program a bit less complex. In reality, it would probably be better to look it up in a database or separate files, but I am a bit aways from learning how to use a database, and I would prefer to keep the outside files to a minimum.
All my work on the Help file may go in another direction. I am not sure I want to use the normal Windows HTML Help format, and may just use regular HTML files that load in the default browser. That would take some work on learning how to get a menu item to launch a link, but would allow me greater control of the look of the help documentation.
I made an install using Nullsoft Scriptable Install System. This is a freely available install system that is used by many large projects, including Google, to install software and will give The Daily Word a more professional looking install then the default install system that comes with Visual Studio 6.