The Daily Word – Update

The Daily Word program that I am working on is progressing nicely. After many hours of research, I found a way to get the calendar portion of the program to work, and to pass the date the user selected to the program, and to get the current date when the program first starts. I also have an official client to act as a supervisor for the purpose of my school’s externship. I am also studying How to study the Word by Terry Lawson to give me further insight into what I want and need in this program. Perhaps soon I’ll post a screenshot.
Presently, the program is being made in Visual Basic 6.0, which means it will be Windows only. I hope to port a future version to C++, which would make it easier for somebody to port it to Mac or Linux. I would prefer to use Visual Basic .Net, but as I noted before, my computer can’t handle that level of programming tools. 🙁