General news

My school is going well, as is Sara’s. I got a B last class, and it looks like an A so far in this, my final class. Yea! School will finally be over next week.
Meanwhile, Sara had an appointment with a kidney doctor the other day. She needs to do another test, then she goes back in two weeks. Depending on how the test comes out, she may need a biopsy on her kidneys.
Ari is cruising a lot, and standing off and on, on his own. I am fairly sure we’ll be chasing a walking and running boy soon. Earlier today he got near some shelves that he knows he isn’t allowed to play with. I know he knows this as when I looked over at him he was just sitting near them looking at me as if to say “I haven’t done anything yet.” A moment later, I turn and look at him again to see him dropping down and acting as if he wasn’t doing anything. He did it again, so I took him away from the shelves. He’ll also look at you to see if you’ll do anything when he knows it’s something he shouldn’t be playing with, or you told him “no.” Not even a year old and already trying to test his parents.