Editing Scripturizer

I had to edit the PHP code in Scripturizer to make it validate as XHTML.
The problem is that some of the sites use an ampersand (&) as part of their URL. XHTML doesn’t allow that in the code, and the & needs changed to &. A subtle difference to be sure, and what comes up on the address bar is still the same. However, it is a simple fix. So far all I fixed are ones going through Biblegateway, which is the one I would normally use.
On version 1.5, my copy has line 157 reading as follows:
$link = "http://biblegateway.com/bible?version=$translation&passage=";
I changed that to:
$link = "http://biblegateway.com/bible?version=$translation&
and viola, it now validates as XHTML.

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