Sara Rebuts Brian

[Originally posted by Sara. Unfortunetly I can’t change who posted this as it was imported from the RSS feed from the old Radio Userland site… I’ll refrain from adding comments and leave the post as is.]
I don’t know why Brian insists on broadcasting all this gung ho right wing crap. He must know that it bothers me. Besides, since we don’t have any regular readership, who else reads it but me?
Now, he loves to talk about military spending, blah blah, not up to standards, well, lets look at that. Brian is trying to make it look like we don’t have any planes or weapons and that if we didn’t vote for some, we would have no defense whatsoever, but guess what, that isn’t the case.
There’s all this talk about how bad or Vietnam era weapons are but lets look at the facts. The F16
is a fighter plane that was first built in 1974 and though modified over the years a few times it was still widely used in 1997 and is still the most used fighter plane in the Western world. 1974 is still considered Vietnam War era I think, and look, still useable, fancy that. Of course it only
reaches a mere mach 2.05. Of course nowadays we don’t use it much, we basically just ship it off to places like Greece, Bahrain, South Korea, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Israel,
Singapore, Oman, and Chile. It can’t be all that bad, if we are sending it to allies for “defense”
The A-10 Thunderbolt II was first built in 1975 and launched 90% of the AGM-65 Maverick missiles used there. Also notable is that it is still in use today (Active Force) and the American military has at least 327 (of the various varieties) listed in their inventory. Again, not bad for a
Vietnam era plane considering we still use it. Brian said that Kerry opposed both the F14 and the F15. However, according to my research the F15 was first flown in 1972 and as far as I can tell the last upgrades were made to it in 1979, which would mean that Kerry (who started his Congressional career in 1984) would have had nothing to do with its votes. We still use the F15 by the way; the inventory lists it at 629 units. The F15 made nearly all the air-to-air kills in the Gulf War by the way. Hmm…I just noticed something. We did upgrade a F15 to F15E sometime after Kerry was in office. However, I am loath to inform you that the F15E is only in use in Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. So, I’m afraid that the F15s that we are using now, are actually the F15Ds. We did use the F15Es in the Gulf War, but for some reason decided to give them away and go back to using mainly the F15Ds.
Ah the F14. Well it too is still in use, and first flew in 1970. My how these Vietnam era planes hold up. And yes the F14 did do some damage in operation Iraqi “freedom”. And yes Kerry did vote against the F14 D. But, lets look at the facts. We already had the F14B, which was exactly the same, sans one thing, digital instead of analog avionics. Hmm…same thrust, propulsion, speed, armament, crew, max takeoff weight. Wow. So I can’t speak for Kerry, but perhaps he didn’t think that they needed digital avionics at that time. Otherwise, the plane they were using was exactly the same. (
And, if (like everything else) we didn’t have the B1B, we would have just used the B1. It is not
used much any more, although mainly because we don’t bother to maintain them and it is difficult to find parts now. If we used the B1 more often, then it would have more parts made for it, and it would be mission capable. Also, perhaps the fact that the B1B was well below the mission capable standard until about 2000, probably because it is much more expensive to maintain that most of
our other planes.
By the way, what’s with this “Kerry has opposed every major weapon system” stuff? Does
that mean that he has voted for some weapons systems? What are they? Why don’t people talk about them?
Maybe another reason that he opposes military money for planes or other things are the military’s misuse of their money. In the early 1980s and beyond, the military had a habit of overcharging. The classic case of the $640 toilet seat, or the $1,118.26 spare plastic cap for a navigator’s seat on a B52 bomber that is apparently worth about .02. Or read this excerpt.
“The Pentagon is paying 618 percent more for its spare parts than it should, according to the inspector general’s report, titled ‘Commercial Spare Parts Purchased on a Corporate Contract.’ It cited a $24.72 spare part that the government bought from Boeing for $403.39 — a markup of 1,532 percent. Another contractor charged $76 for 57-cent screws.” ( Perhaps Kerry is worried that money given to the US Government isn’t going where it should. And, considering the amount of money they ask for, that’s a lot of money to be misplaced. Consider the following, the military and George Bush and constantly moaning that they don’t have enough money for maintenance and spare parts. Now imagine what they would have and accomplish if the money we gave them actually went to where it is supposed to go.
So I’m just trying to say that given the military’s spending record, and the fact that we did (despite naysayers) have a fully stocked military that just needed to maintain itself. I’m not sure that I would have voted to send billions more dollars to our military spending budget. Maybe
they should just learn to work within their budget, and stop buying $7,000.00 coffee makers. Then perhaps they could have afforded the fancy new planes they wanted without having to ask for more billions of dollars on top of the billions they already get.
Now for the less technical stuff: If you love Bush so much, why don’t you marry him? Oh that’s right, that’s not allowed under Bush’s version of America the ‘free’, ha!< I don't think he's doing a good job, and I'm willing to try something different. Supposing that you're right for just one minute and Kerry will not be a good president. Well, then four years from now, we'll vote him out too. I'm willing to give it a shot because anything's better than Bush. Oh no, I'm starting to sound like a Democrat. Well, at least I don't sound like a holier than thou, homophobic, environment destroying, warmonger. Go suck up to Saudi Arabia some more. I hear they had nothing to do with Sept. 11. More to follow...