Jewel Quest – A winning Bejeweled clone

Proving my theory that there is little, to nothing new under the sun, just new ways of doing things comes yet another Bejeweled clone. Bejeweled is playable at that link and on, and the demo is down loadable from a million and one websites, including both of those. Anyhow, the newest clone to hit the market is Jewel Quest, which is actually a fairly cool and innovative twist on the game, and I may like it better then the original (and I am sure Bejeweled isn’t the original, but it is the one people are undoubtedly trying to
duplicate). The game was developed by and it looks like the primary distributor is GameHouse, the people who distributed Inspector Parker, which was developed by Oberon Media.
Alaware, Big Fish Games, Gamextazy, Small Rockets, are other distributors and developers of smaller games like these, with lots of overlap between them offering the same games (Small Rockets being an exception to the rule here, it seems they develop and sell their own games only). I am sure I am leaving out lots of other small developers and distributors, but these are the ones I have tried demos of.