C++ class, Make it easy to know when we update, Sara goes to orientation.

The diffaculty level of my programming class at school is going up a notch again. We are now moving into Windows programming in C++. Oy.
I have been trying to find either a blog or a wiki dedicated to teaching C++, but no luck yet. I figure they have to be out there somewhere. There are teaching blogs and teaching wikis for other stuff, why not C++?
Want an easy way of knowing when this site, CNN, and many others such as Google’s news page, are update? Many sites use a RSS
or Atom feed to let you know when they have updated. To subscribe to us, or other sites using these systems, you need a news aggregator. A good free aggregator is Feedreader. If you don’t mind paying $30 for a good one, FeedDemon
would be the way to go. Using an aggregator makes it so you don’t have to check those sites out each day. It goes to the web page, dowloads any updates to itself and lets you know when they have been updated and which ones. I highly recomend using Feedreader to see what it is all
about, and then if you decide you really like it, then upgrade to FeedDemon, or if Feedreader is doing the job for you, stick with it.

Sara is on her way to orientation at school.