The accessible Brian A. Thomas .com update

Okay, what about the accessible, validated, table free version of this site? I haven’t had the time to really work on the test page in a while. Apologies. I do want to get back to that as soon as possible. After that, the page should be equally accessible on PDAs, computers, screen readers, braille web browsers (I doubt anyone visiting this page is using a braille web browser, but should they do so, the page would finally be readable and navigable).
You may have noticed some changes on the main page here though that is a move to accessibility. On many web browsers, the links in posts like this should have a tool tip come up. The acronyms in the last couple of posts should also have a tool tip. So we are getting there, slowly.
Of course some of the stuff I am doing is being messed up by Radio… I need to change blogging software to something better, and free… but that would mean moving hosts, something I am not really ready to do yet. Perhaps when Radio expires, or the domain… we’ll see.