Ari Update, Ari’s CD of photos, Sara’s surgery, My school update

Ari has fairly well mastered the going from back to front roll. While we put him down on his back, we almost always find him on
his belly when we get him up. He has re-learned the front to back roll, so he goes back and forth, though he still finds it easier to go from back to front.
Sara fed him cabbage… eww…. He liked it well enough apparently. He seems to like solid foods.
Want photos of Ari? We have a CD full of them, free for the asking to family and friends. Okay, well, more like 200 MB or so of pictures, so not a full 700 MB, but still… Anyhow, let me know if you want it. Updates to the CD will be issued to broadband friends and family via Bit Torrent. I recommendAzureus for your Bit Torrent client. I’ll let you know when the update is available.
Sara had surgery on her toes the other day. All went well. I’ll leave her to go into all the graphic detail, the big… long… shots and all of that. She starts school here in a little over a week. KSU: Stark, she’s coming right at ya.
My last day of school will be December 23rd. Well, last day for the Associate of Applied Business, Computer Programming and Applications anyhow. After that I start on my Associate of Applied Business, Computer Networking and hopefully earn my MCSE or MCSA. Still left are Literature, Database Applications, Advanced Database Applications, and Graphical User Interface Programming. Technically there is an externship as well, but that can be done during the same time as classes, and most of us in the night classes are complaining that an externship isn’t reasonable for us since we all work during the day, and how many places will take us after 6 pm for externships? So we’ll see how the externship works out or not. Anyhow, figuring I finish with the Networking classes by May 26th or June 23rd, I may have my MCSE or MCSA by this time next year. I believe I currently have a 3.68 overall GPA.
I got to get off to let Sara have the computer… so until later… oh, and I’ll get back to work on the accessible version of this page again soon. More on that bit on the next update from me.